About Us

ESTABLISHED IN 1980 PATRICIA PRIVATE School has been committed to providing excellent learning environment for pupils and students in Ikpoba Hill and beyond. Our pupils and students are all over the world with enviable character and exemplary manner of approach which has propelled them to provide selfless service to their community and the world at large.


As the first private school in ikpoba hill, Benin City, we have discovered and developed the most effective way’s in teaching and nurturing our Nursery, Primary and Secondary Children by providing a happy, cheerful, educative and conducive learning environment. We offer a wide range of academic subjects allied to a full programme of science, arts, culture and sporting activities. With the co-operation of our qualified, competent and committed teachers and tutors, we carefully train every child to embrace and appreciate their individuality. We have well ventilated classrooms, well equipped science and computer laboratories, modern library, immaculately clean washrooms, beautiful lawn, spacious playground and a sickbay to take care of minor health issues that may occur during school hours.

In Patricia private school, we understand the needs expectations and aspirations of our parents. That is why our pupils and students are provided with high academic and moral tutelage to improve their intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual well being through their participation in our various all-encompassing programmes. Our co-curricular and extra –curricular activities serve the overriding purpose of helping students develop their skills and potentials brought to fore through hard work and excellent study habits.

Our nursery school is based on British and Nigerian curriculum thus encouraging children to explore learning and developing skill through play and discovery. Self-experience is developed through drawing, painting, modeling, cutting, music, singing and dance. There are four strands in the early year curriculum:
• Independence and interdependence
• Exploring
• Communicating
• Healthy Living
We focus in child centered Education with a balance of 3 basic sectors of Learning: cognitive, affective and psychomotor with the aids of color and shape, recognition, sorting and matching, letter work, number work, interaction socially with their peers and the discovery and manipulation of their environment through play. While pre-reading and pre-writing skills are emphasized.
Our Primary Education is from grade 1-6. Patricia private school was established to educate children irrespective of their back ground. We give each child personalized attention. Our primary curriculum develops the pupils’ language skill, mathematics and science skills. We have knowledge and understanding of our young learners and this enables us provide guidance for curriculum development, classroom teaching/learning while the teachers are encouraged to assess children’s learning as they progress. Our aim is to treat every child as an individual and encourage them spiritually, academically, socially, physically and emotionally to develop according to their needs while appreciating others. Subjects offering are:
• Mathematics
• English Language
• Verbal Reasoning
• French
• Prevocational Aptitude
• National Value
• Basic Science/Technology
• Art and Craft
• Handwriting
• …and more

Patricia Primary School identifies the strength and weakness of our learners and we dedicate our time in supporting their learning with good preparation so that they can progress into secondary school, fully prepared.
Our Secondary school was founded on the 1st day of December, 2000. Over the years, we have grown in size, academics and stature. Number of remarkable achievements have been recorded which has made us to be the FORE amongst the best schools for children aged 10- 18 years in the Ikpoba Hill metropolis. “We are pacesetters”. We offer a wide range of subjects. Our highly skilled dedicated teachers carry out teaching effectively. We encourage our students to cultivate academic enjoyment and maximize their talents, time and strength to the fullest, PPS runs a curriculum for both junior and senior secondary, preparing them for external competitions and examinations e.g. JSSCE certificates exams, SSCE exams etc. Offering subjects are:
• English Language
• Mathematics
• Basic Technology
• Social Studies
• Home Economics
• Physical/Health Education
• Agriculture Science
• Biology
• Physics
• Further Mathematics
• Chemistry
• Commerce
• Marketing
• Government
• Civic Education
• Religious Knowledge
• Economics
• Accounting
• Nigerian Language
• Animal Husbandry
• Culture/Creative Arts
• …and more
Patricia private school has over the year’s made an excellent name for herself, we strive to achieve greater heights and we will not compromise our objective of providing our students and Alumni the pleasure of being UNIQUE in their various talents and positions. We encourage them to appreciate themselves as students with DIGNITY and to have the courage of being ACHIEVERS with INTEGRITY.

Our Vision

To train and inculcate in our pupils/students the values of self-discipline, integrity, hard work and diligence. To promote and develop God’s given potentials and talents with the ability to cope with challenges of their environment and to encourage positive values and attitudes that will produce responsible citizens of our country Nigeria, and the world at large.

Our Mission

To give each child the best opportunity to discover and develop his/her abilities to full capacity while endeavoring “to be the best” in their chosen callings.

Our Standard

Targeted towards excellence. we achievable with proper tutelage under on highly qualified, dedicated, God fearing and children loving teachers.

Our Facilities

We have a fully equipped audio-visual room, with qualified Nurse's in attendance all through the school hours. Open playground and good security personnel.

The fundamental purpose of Patricia Private School is learning, not teaching. Here, you learn how to learn.

Mrs Ololade Augusta Eboka

Head Of School (H.O.S), Patricia Private School.

Our Core Value

fear of God, love, good moral, discipline, punctuality, academic excellence, mutual respect, tolerance, honesty, integrity, respect for school properties, respect for self, diligence and resilience. Pupils are assured that they can do all things through HARDWORK.

Meet the team

Mr Anthony Chukwuemeka Eboka

Proprietor Of School

Mrs Ololade Augusta Eboka

Head Of School (H.O.S)

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